May 27, 2023  
Catalog 2022-2023 
Catalog 2022-2023

ELECT EOBMF2 - Maternal Fetal Medicine/High Risk Obstetrics

Director Fourth Year Department Courses: Mila Shah-Bruce, MD Phone: 318-675-5379
Category: Obstetrics/Gynecology
Director(s): David Lewis, MD
Administrative Contact: Delores Brown Phone: 318-675-5380
Number of Students Per 2 Week Block: 1
Number of Students Per 4 Week Block: 1
Duration: 2 Weeks
Location: Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport, Regional Perinatal Group
Selective Available During Blocks: All
Course Code: EOBMF2
2 Credits

Department approval required to enroll.

This advanced clinical OB/GYN elective in Maternal Fetal Medicine is designed to provide the fourth year medical student interested in entering OB/GYN residency with a more in-depth experience of high-risk obstetric patients in a clinical setting. The student will primarily be in an outpatient setting.


  1. Understand the maternal and fetal implications, clinical course, management and complications of:
    1. Common endocrine disorders of pregnancy (diabetes and thyroid)
    2. Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (essential, preeclampsia, collagen vascular disorders)
    3. Common infectious disorders of pregnancy
  2. Participate in the evaluation of outpatient high-risk consultations with the attending physician
  3. Perform histories and physical examinations, radiologic and laboratory review, and plan development and daily rounding on assigned patients admitted through the Antepartum Obstetrical Service-if indicated by attending physician
  4. Discuss necessary treatment recommendations with the senior or chief resident
  5. Review work-ups with the appropriate consultant and perform and document an appropriate history and physical on all assigned patients
  6. Review literature appropriate for the obstetrical, medical or surgical conditions of the patient
  7. Understand the normal anatomy that can be seen on routine obstetric ultrasound
  8. Understand the sonographic findings and implications of the more commonly noted fetal anomalies seen during an obstetric ultrasound
  9. Understand the sonographic markers used for evaluation of aneuploidy
  10. Be available to scrub on all procedures performed by the obstetrical team-if indicated by attending physician
  11. Review appropriate obstetrical pathology
  12. Learn obstetrical procedures for prenatal diagnosis, antepartum intervention and obstetrical delivery
  13. Demonstrate punctuality, appropriate demeanor, professionalism, compassion and personal appearance for patient interactions.

Resources for Learning:
Participating Faculty: David Lewis, M.D., Clint Cormier, M.D., Christian Briery, M.D.
Texts: William’s Obstetrics 25th ed. - Cunningham, MacDonald, Gant, Leveno

The senior student will be evaluated by the faculty and /or residents who are assigned to the specific block period using a standard competency based evaluation form based on the above objectives.
The course is pass/fail.

Offered: ALL