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Catalog 2022-2023 
Catalog 2022-2023

ELECT EORTS - Sports Medicine - Orthopaedic Surgery

Director Fourth Year Department Courses: Karl K. Bilderback, M.D.
Category: Sports Medicine
Director(s): Shane Barton, M.D., Patrick Massey, M.D.
Administrative Contact: Samantha Vance Phone: 675-4313 Room: 3-344
Number of Students Per 4 Week Block: 2
Duration: 4 Weeks or 2 Weeks
Location: Olive Street Faculty Clinic, LSU Main, St. Mary Place, Shriner’s Hospital
Elective Offered During Blocks: 2-5 for 4 week

1, 6-10 for 2 week
Course Code: EORTS, EORTS2
Recommended: Hoppenfeld’s Physical Exam of the Spine and Extremities Netter’s Sports Medicine, (available free on the LSU library website)

2 or 4 Credits

Night Call - Yes

Weekend Call - Yes

Final Exam -

Requires departmental approval to enroll in the 4 week elective

Brief Description of Student Activities During Rotation:

The student will be assigned to one of two sports medicine teams and will work under the direct supervision of the respective faculty member and senior resident. They will participate in clinics with the house staff and faculty. The student will learn appropriate home exercise programs and be able to demonstrate these effectively to the patient. For those needing supervised therapy, the student will learn appropriate therapy techniques and how to order them. For patients requiring surgery, the student will follow patients to surgery and through the rehabilitation process, as their time on the service permits. Students will take part in all educational programs and conferences while on the rotation. Students will participate in clinic and perform physical exam and provide accurate clinical documentation with thorough history and physicals. The student will also take call with the junior resident in-house and is expected to help evaluate patients and to care for in-patients and patients in the emergency department.

This elective provides the student with an in-depth experience in all aspects of Sports Medicine. The student will spend time at the LSU Ambulatory Care Clinic, the Olive Street Faculty Clinic and will get surgical experience at the LSU Main hospital, Saint Mary Place, Shriner’s Hospital and at Willis Knighton.

During their time on this rotation, the student will gain experience with the orthopedic patient assessment, with an emphasis on Sports Medicine. The student should become comfortable with the initial evaluation of sport-injured patients, building on the foundational skills they learned during the first three years of medical school.


  1. Improve the student’s skill in history taking and physical exam of the musculoskeletal system, with particular emphasis on sport-related pathology.
  2. Improve decision making skills required for the appropriate utilization of diagnostic tests such as CT, MRI, ultrasound etc.
  3. To familiarize the student with the diagnosis and management of a variety of patients (adult and pediatric) with orthopaedic problems that are routinely seen in an outpatient setting.
  4. To develop skills in patient education, counseling and thoughtful rehabilitation planning.
  5. To improve the student’s knowledge of orthopaedic disease entities through participation in conferences and didacdic teaching sessions.
  6. The students will learn region/joint specific history and exam techniques, and be able to demonstrate these and explain their significance.

The senior Resident and the Faculty will evaluate students throughout the rotation. As interest and time permits, the students will be asked to present patients they have seen in clinic and in the hospital.

Offered: ALL