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Manual of Procedure 2014 
Manual of Procedure 2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Article IV. The Subdivisions

1.0 Departments:


The Executive Officer (Head/Chair) shall be responsible for the educational, research, and professional service, and administrative functions of the Department. He/She shall be the representative spokesperson for the Department.


This ultimate responsibility for budget making and campus space utilization resides with the Chancellor. The Head of the Department, after consultation with the Dean, will be responsible for fiscal management of the Department budget and space utilization consistent with the goals of LSUHSC-S and projected Departmental aims. Departmental budgets originate with the Department Head in consultation with the Dean so that a total Departmental budget figure is projected for the next fiscal year. Such a budget shall be subject to alterations based on the total allocation of monies from the State Legislature, Board of Regents, LSU Board of Supervisors and any other financial source.


Each Department shall hold regular meetings to transact business of the Department and discuss activities of concern to LSUSHC-S. A record of the meetings shall be maintained in the Department Head’s Office and distributed to Departmental faculty members.


Annual or periodic review of Faculty should be performed by the Department Heads according to the guidelines for such reviews. The results of such reviews shall be discussed by the Department Heads with the reviewed Faculty member for department planning and faculty development purposes.


Appointment, retention, tenure and promotion of Faculty shall be according to promotion and tenure rules of the LSU System. Faculty members of that Department, or a designated committee of faculty in large departments, at or above the rank of the individual being considered, should meet as a promotion committee to review promotion candidates. Recommendations of the departmental promotions committee shall be submitted to the Department Head. The Department Head shall then forward the Chair’s written recommendation for appointment, retention and/or promotion to the LSUHSC-S Promotion and Tenure Committee. If the recommendation which is sent forward by the Head differs from the majority opinion of the appropriate faculty members of the department, this difference and the reasons for this action shall be reported to them as well as to the Dean. The Promotion and Tenure Committee shall then consider the information in light of institutional policies as they make their recommendations.


When a Department Headship becomes vacant, the Dean shall appoint an ad hoc search committee to seek qualified applicants and consider candidates. The search committee shall assess the future role of the Department in the School of Medicine and shall consult with members of the Department and other persons whom they deem advisable, before submitting a list of recommended candidates to the Dean. In accordance with LSUHSC-S procedures, the Dean of the School of Medicine shall recommend a candidate for appointment to the Chancellor.

2.0 Other Units

Other units shall be administered in accordance with the same principles as those governing Departments.