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Catalog 2022-2023 
Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ELECT EANEA - Clinical Correlations in Anesthesiology

Director(s): Shilpadevi Patil , M.D.
Administrative Contact: Trish Kennedy
Duration: 2 Weeks or 4 Weeks
Location: OR Phone: 318.626-1564 Room: E-43
Maximum Number of Students: 4 (combined total for both 2 or 4 week)
Course Code: EANEA(4 week code) -EANEB (2 week code)
4 Credits

To be able to intubate patients from pre-op to intubation and be able to evaluate patient for potential risk factors.

The medical student will be exposed to:

  • Techniques of preoperative evaluation to recognize those patients and situations that pose an increased anesthetic risk;
  • Optimal preoperative therapy for such patients to minimize this risk;
  • The characteristics of commonly used anesthetic agents and techniques and their risks and complications, and;
  • The principles and skills involved in airway management, intraoperative fluid therapy, and the proper use of intraoperative monitors.

Specific Duties of Senior Students:
A student will be assigned to a full-time mentor. Under his/her guidance, the student will evaluate a patient, design an anesthetic, conduct the anesthetic, and evaluate the patient’s postoperative care. As more skill and understanding is gained, more responsibility for the care of the patient will be delegated.



One week - OB with Dr. Parker                                                                                                

                    One week - Cardiac Thoracic & Vascular surgery with Dr. Herron

                    One week - Neuro with Dr. Mosieri

                    One week - Peds with Dr. Gennuso & Regional with Dr. Eubanks or Dr. Aquino

                    2 days pre-op clinic at ACC

                    2 days participating in regional blocks, either 2nd floor PACU or 3rd floor of Feist Weiller

                    Be responsible for making and presenting a power point with at least 3 slides

                    Complete log sheet and course evaluations


Offered: All except blocks 1