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Catalog 2022-2023 
Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ELECT EOPTA - Clinical Elective in Ophthalmology-Career Interest

Director(s): Thomas B. Redens, M.D. Phone: 318.675-5012
Duration: 4 Weeks
Location: Academic Medical Center at Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport Eye Clinic
Maximum Number of Students: 5
Minimum Number of Students: 1
Elective Offered During Blocks: 1-3
Course Code: EOPTA
4 Credits

**This elective requires that students keep an attendance log.  Each student will be responsible for obtaining a physician’s signature each time the student reports to work at the Eye Clinic.  Blank attendance logs may be obtained from  Moodle. **

Goals and Objectives:
The elective is designed for those students interested in Ophthalmology as a career. Blocks I-III are reserved for this elective to qualify students for ophthalmology match.  The course will offer the student an in-depth experience in the various facets of Ophthalmology: the course is not directly designed to teach one ophthalmology, but to get an honest sense of what the specialty really entails (to assist the student in their choice of career) and to allow the students to get to know faculty for letters of recommendation.  The course is an opportunity for the students to show interest, skill, and motivation.


  1. Career interest MSA4 students will spend at least 50% of their time working in the faculty clinics, examining patients with the faculty and residents and observing management, as well as attending surgeries with each operating faculty.  The remaining time during the rotation will be spent working in the general clinic, examining patients with emphasis of work-up and management. 


  1. Students will be required to begin developing skills including instillation of topical ocular medications and checking intra-ocular pressure with both the tonopen and via applanation.  Additionally, facility using the slit-lamp, direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy and some knowledge of phoropter use is required. 

Specific Duties of Senior Students:
Working in the general clinic in direct patient work-up and management (always with supervision), assisting both the residents and faculty in patient care with nightly reading expected to reinforce/clarify clinical entities observed that day.  The students will attend the daily morning lectures (unless ok’d by faculty to miss on OR days).  The students will give a “mini grand rounds” towards the end of the rotation (topics must be ok’d by faculty).  Students will be evaluated by faculty and residents with the evaluation form provided by the registrar’s office.   

Reading Assignments:
General Ophthalmology, Vaughn et al., Appleton and Lange

Offered: blocks 1-3