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Catalog 2022-2023 
Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ELECT EPHAD - Research in Biochemical, Molecular, or Clinical Toxicology

Director(s): Kenneth E. McMartin, Ph.D. Phone: 318.675.7871
Duration: 4 Weeks
Location: 5-216 or F8-36
Maximum Number of Students: 2
Minimum Number of Students: 1
Elective Offered During Blocks: Blocks 1-3 & 7-10
Course Code: EPHAD Must have approval prior to enrolling in course - please see information in Moodle
4 Credits

  1. Understanding the similarities and differences between clinical and basic research.
  2. Sharing research-related information effectively with other clinicians and scientists.
  3. Prioritizing and organizing work effectively.
  4. Functioning as a “team player” with others involved in research studies.

Research Project

  • Participate in research projects that involve basic mechanisticstudiesorclinicalstudiesonnewantidotesfortoxic alcohol poisonings
  • Develop hypotheses for evaluation during the rotation, as appropriate.
  • Independently collect data for a research project


  • Become proficient in basic research techniques including cell culture, membrane transport, measurement of toxicity parameters, as well as analysis using gas chromatography and high pressure liquid chromatography
  • Identify key principles for the ethical conduct of research.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

  • Work together with a research team.
  • Write organized, appropriately focused, and accurate research lab notebook
  • Organize data into presentable formats (digital, poster, oral presentation).


  • Demonstrate personal accountability and respect when interacting with members of the research team.
  • Demonstrate punctuality and ability to complete research-related tasks efficiently.

Specific Duties of Senior Students:
The first duty will be to consult with the elective director to discuss the research interest of the student. After that, the direction of the elective towards an individual or cooperative project will be chosen. Then, the student will work in the director’s laboratory daily. Daily duties would depend on the actual analysis going on at that time. Ancillary duties would be reading and library research to prepare the project design and to develop any techniques needed to carry out the project.

Reading Assignments:
As needed for the research project.

Offered: 1-3 amd 7-10