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Catalog 2022-2023 
Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ELECT EOOGA - Outpatient - Obstetrics and Gynecology

Director(s): Mila Shah-Bruce, M.D.
Administrative Contact: Delores Brown
Duration: 2 week or 4 week
Location: Academic Medical Center at Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport
Selective Available During Blocks: ALL
Course Code: EOOGA 2 week

EOOGB 4 week
Primary Goals of Elective:

To acquire extended knowledge of the fundamental principles of ambulatory care medicine; having a primary focus on obstetrical and gynecological care, with additional exposure to preventative and primary care.

Specific Objectives:

The student will be able to :

(PC) Enhance history taking and examination skills by providing primary contact of both new patients and return visit patients under the supervision of OB/GYN faculty and housestaff.

(PC, MK) Become familiar with available forms of contraception, contraindications and common side effects.

(PC, MK) recognize and evaluate the postmenopausal patient and identify her particular healthcare needs.

(PC, MK) Diagnose, evaluate and treat common ambulatory gyn problems, such as pelvic pain and irregular bleeding.

(PC, MK) Perform thorough and accurate well woman exams, to include breast and pelvic exam.

(PC) Understand when to use and how to perform common gyn office procedures such as wet prep and endometrial biopsy.

(PC, MK) Evaluate, treat and manage common low risk obstetrical patients and manage routine prenatal care. 

(I&CS) Develop proficiency at obtaining a reproductive and sexual history.

(I&CS) Communicate pertinent patient information to supervising providers in an efficient and logical way.

(P) Demonstrate punctuality, appropriate dress and demeanor for patient interaction.

(SBP) Understand health care delivery issues as related to the underserved female population.

(PBL&I) Utilize online resources to improve patient care and support their own education.

(P) Attend all clinics and conferences attended by the clinic team and let their team know where they are at all times.

Resources for Learning:
Resources for Learning:


Participating Faculty: All LSU Health OB/GYN faculty

Text: Williams Obstetrics 24th ed.- Cunningham, MacDonald, Gant, Leveno

Williams Gynecology 2nd ed- Schorge, Schaffer, Halvorson, Hoffman, Bradshaw, Cunningham

Case Files in Obstetrics and Gynecology 4th ed. Toy, Baker, Ross, Jennings

Evaluation: Final grade will be Pass or Fail

Students will be evaluated by faculty and residents who are assigned during the specific block period using a standardized competency based evaluation form.

Students will submit a single weekly patient interaction write up which includes pertinent history, physical exam and then assessment and plan and present the patient to the faculty coordinator of the rotation. The expectation will be for a write up that reflects a well thought out differential and a presentation that succinctly communicates the logical thought process undergirding patient care. Write up will be on one obstetrics patient and one gynecology patient.

Student will submit weekly a log of patients who were seen by the student with listing of chief problems or diagnosis and of self-directed learning activities that were accomplished during the week. The submitted log will be the springboard for weekly meeting with the faculty coordinator or designated faculty for discussions to encourage critical thinking development.

Offered: ALL