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Faculty Bylaws (Revised March 13, 2023) 
Faculty Bylaws (Revised March 13, 2023)

Article VI. The Administrative Council

A. Membership:

The Administrative Council shall be composed of the principal administrative officers of LSUHSC-S (as designated by the Chancellor); three members of the faculty of tenured rank elected annually for one-year terms by the faculty or a delegated body thereof; and such other persons as may be specifically designated by the Chancellor and/or deans.

B. Officers:

The Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs shall be the chair of the Administrative Council and shall appoint a secretary who shall keep minutes of all meetings and shall maintain a roll of the members of the Administrative Council.

B. Meetings:

The Administrative Council shall meet at the call of the Chair.

D. Function and Duties:

  1. Shall be the chief advisory body to the Chancellor and the deans of each school on issues related to the mission and vision of LSUHSC-S.
  2. Shall recommend to the Chancellor and the deans such rules and regulations as will facilitate the administrative operations of LSUHSC-S, bring about closer correlation of its various departments and divisions, and improve the quality of all phases of its work.
  3. Shall undertake administrative functions assigned to it by the Chancellor and/or deans.
  4. Shall consider matters referred to it by the Elected Faculty Council and the General Faculty.
  5. Shall be responsible for implementation and execution of administrative policies.
  6. Shall maintain a file of all minutes of each meeting in a place accessible to members of the Faculty who wish to review them.
  7. May organize itself subject to this document and the LSU Board of Supervisors’ Bylaws and Regulations, in any manner appropriate to the accomplishment of its duties.
  8. Shall consider any matter brought before it by the Faculty Senate or the Elected Faculty Council, which shall include Departmental reviews when deemed useful by the Chancellor and/or deans.
  9. Elect a representative to meet with the Elected Faculty Council who will report to the Administrative Council the deliberations of the meetings of the Elected Faculty Council.
  10. May serve as a decision-making body at the Chancellor’s discretion